Consultation Services

We provide strategic and professional services.

At Caldwell Strategic Consulting we understand the distinct nuances unique to lobbying individual state legislatures’ and the federal government. We focus our attention on key government decision makers, harnessing our exceptional relationships with state and federal elected officials, and continuously guiding our clients’ advocacy efforts in an integrated and strategically sound manner.

Our services include:

Government Relations
Communications & Media
Fundraising Strategies


Corporations have a diverse array of stakeholders with varying needs. Companies increasingly recognize that effective communications is as important as other integral corporate functions such as investor relations and sales and marketing.

CSC understands the necessity in reaching various audiences and providing strategies that speak to their nuances. We have tailored communications plans for our clients that guarantee high quality message delivery, meanwhile maintaining consistency  needed to have uniformity across communications channels.

Media and Public Relations

CSC has expertise in every area of earned media and public relations, including press strategy, media outreach and materials development.

When used effectively, earned media and public relations campaigns yield  validation of an organization/client’s messages, in addition to providing crucial awareness of the issues involved to both policymakers and the public. With years of experience in message development and stakeholder awareness, CSC has the unique ability to create messages that advance the missions of our clients in the following ways:

Reporter Briefings: Our team knows how to draw the right media attention for clients through unique events and background briefings with influential journalists, creating opportunities for media coverage around our clients’ key issues and campaign messages.

Editorial Board Visits and Interviews: CSC helps our clients arrange and prepare for meetings with editorial boards of leading media outlets. We help our clients anticipate every tough question that could be asked of them and we help them rehearse answers that stick to the core messaging of the campaign, discussing only what is useful for the campaign and avoiding the rest. Our trainings help our clients face the media with confidence and deliver performances that advance their communications goals.

Press Material Development: We have extensive experience coordinating the development of Letters to the Editor, op-eds, statements, press releases and related media-ready materials.

Rapid Response: CSC works with our clients to coordinate pushback or support around important events and key milestones. We work to ensure that our clients have the right messages to respond to important developments swiftly and effectively.