About Our Firm

Who we are.

Caldwell Strategic Consulting (CSC) is a bi-partisan consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., dedicated to creating a portfolio of strategies and solutions by helping clients choose the best way forward in times of uncertainty.  Specifically, CSC shapes the legislative environment when emerging policies are introduced and debated to position their clients to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

CSC understands critical issues around healthcare, banking, financial services, energy, emergency management, transportation, and local government issues.

CSC assists businesses, organizations, and government entities to establish a comprehensive strategy to fund programs, or remove hurdles that weaken your business growth potential. Caldwell Strategic Consulting has the knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive plan for your organization.
Our expertise in policy and economics, combined with our knowledge of the multi-dimensional and diverse profile of Congress uniquely qualify Caldwell Strategic Consulting to bring informed insights to public policy issues. Our work not only helps your industry to understand the impact of public policy shifts, it also helps prepare and pre-position you for the sweeping changes that continue to shape our dynamic legislative environment.

CSC has a specific focus on conducting assessments and advising key decision-makers throughout the various levels and departments of government on the impact our clients may experience as the result of relevant legislation passage.  We strive for our efforts to inform Congressional debate, shaping the trajectory of legislation to provide our clients with the best result, and positioning their strategic plan to self-actualize.